We Teach


20 minutes: We will teach a song OR demonstrate unique vocal skills (can change as audience and time allows)

1 hour: Crowd-participation set, unique vocal skills demonstration, teach and perform songĀ 

Workshop: Perfect for festivals and small-group breakouts. Can be organized to suit the event. Please contact us directly for this option.

Our Message: The Yellowjackets and Friends have been all over the world teaching children the value and power of music. From the United States to Africa, to Australia, to Asia, to Europe, we have circled the world to bring our message to children and adults that all people can sing together. You don’t need money or electricity or even the same language–just sing!

That’s what it’s all about to us and we want to share music with you.

Music programs can be customized to be different lengths or to suit different audiences. Language is not a requirement! We teach percussion, improvisation, dance, and community singing. Using a sound system works great, or we can perform anywhere, anytime without any amplification.