Dear Holiday Shoppers,

Yes this is the real name of a song and yes SOME people need to hear this on Christmas. You’ll know what I mean only if you listen to it. The truth is that sometimes all this gift giving gets a little chaotic. Most people would rather have their friends and family enjoy December than yelling our ways through parking lots and lines, inflated prices, and a shelf full of stuff they didn’t really want to get you in the first place!

So…cut down your Christmas gift lists, sit back by the fire with a little egg nog, and…
!!Watch This Video!!
It might actually put you BACK in the giving spirit for your friends and family who SHOULD get a gift ☺.

Holiday Video Yo Ass Aint Gettin A GiftThe video was filmed by Rachel Chalhoub and Jestin Cole Lewis with the help of Katherine Steighner in Myrtle Beach, SC. Alfredo Austin wrote the song in response to doorbuster sales, Black Friday tramplings, and the overall experience of holiday shopping. Yo Ass Ain’t Gettin’ A Gift was released following the success of Troublemaker.

With love,
The Exchange