The Exchange Candy Crush Video ScreenshotThe Exchange is very excited to announce the release of an original song based on Candy Crush, the incredibly successful and extremely addictive game from King. Alfredo Austin, while listening to the other guys playing the game, wrote a song based on what he heard them saying. Up until the release of the song, he’d never even played (now he’s a bona fide addict).

The game’s concept is simple but somehow as the levels progress, it can get a little frustrating. The most important thing overall is the psychology of the reward in the game. One day you hate it, the next day you love it!

The video was shot in Rust, Germany while The Exchange was on tour performing at Europa Park. Special thanks are owed to the park owners, the friends and staff at Colosseo, and to the hotel owners at Pension Chloe! Without further ado, here are the lyrics and the video! Please share!!!!

The Candy Crush Song Music Video Lyrics

I was sitting around on my phone one day,
Searching the app store for something to play.
I usually don’t do these silly games,
So I asked my friends, ‘What app should I download today?’

They said, “Candy Crush! It’s so much fun!
Out of all the games I’ve played, this is number one!
You match the colors, its so easy to play.
You’ll love that Candy Crush.”

Candy Crush, you’re my new love.
I play you everyday, but I can’t get enough.
Your vibrant colors brighten up my day.
I love you, Candy Crush.

Candy Crush, you’re getting tough.
What the hell are all these wrappers and stuff?
You’re making it harder to play this game,
But I won’t give it up.

Candy Crush, you really suck.
I’ve only got ten moves, but that isn’t enough.
There’s too many jellies in my way!
You suck, Candy Crush.

I swim through Lemonade Lakes and go through Candy Town
Using Candy hammers to break those chocolates down,
While I pray that the bombs don’t detonate,
So I can get three stars and have a splendid day!

Now I gotta wait…
When I’m alone in my room,
I sit and stare at my phone
Wishing the time would pass so I could get
Right back in my zone.
Everything reminds me of it;
I can never get away!
It’s only been 10 minutes.
Man I’ll never get to play!
I love the stripeys, the packets,
The reds, yellows, and greens.
It all looks so tasty,
Man, I might just lick the screen.
I go to Settings, change the date
Because I’m kind of in a rush.
Only thing that makes me complete
Is hearing “Sugar Crush!”

Candy Crush, I love you again!
You make me feel so good every time I win.
You’re so amazing in every way!
I love you, Candy Crush!

Candy Crush, this is the end.
You’ve updated your game, it’s like I’m starting again.
More “Forever” levels, I hate your guts!
You suck Candy Crush, I give up.

Copyright © 2013 The Exchange LLC – Video by Richard Steighner. Music by Alfredo Austin. Lyrics by Alfredo Austin and Jamal Moore, 2013. The Exchange and those pictured in this video are not associated with King, Candy Crush, Candy Crush Saga, or its affiliates in any way.

Special Thank-You’s to Jennifer Henkelmann, Julian and Alicia Staiger, Carola Staiger, Sarah Peloquin-Curbelo, Ramino Raute, Fabse Prim, Ross Pedersen, the awesome dancers and staff at Colosseo!

This song was written by Alfredo Austin, member of The Exchange, after watching the rest of the guys play. At the time of the song, he’d never played but wrote the lyrics based on what they were saying when they played.
Update: he is currently on level 80.
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