The Exchange is currently spending some time in Taiwan where they recently recorded a live off-mic performance of Can’t Hold Us, the top 40 hit single from Macklemore.

As of April 24, 2013 the video went live on YouTube here ( ) and is spreading around the internet. The video features an a cappella, all vocal rendition of Can’t Hold Us with Alfredo Austin rapping the verses, Jamal Moore singing the choruses, Christopher Diaz and Aaron Sperber singing backgrounds, and Richard Steighner beat boxing.

Macklemore released Can’t Hold Us in 2011 as a single, and now includes it as part of his album The Heist (2012). Their music video recently went live as well, and The Exchange released their cover of the hip hop song after listening to Macklemore’s Tiny Desk performance online. They fell in love with the song and every time they heard it couldn’t stop singing along.

The Exchange hopes this song reaches Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, and Ray Dalton as their second cover of one of their songs (Thrift Shop). Enjoy!