Lou Bega with The ExchangeThe Exchange spent Halloween at Horror Nights in Europa Park, located in Rust, Germany. There, the 5-piece party pop singers appeared in surprise locations to perform an a cappella (all-vocal) set, including a concert that included Lou Bega and Camouflage for ~4500 Halloween party-goers.

Lou Bega’s huge hit Mambo No. 5 still crushed! The Exchange is honored to share a stage somebody whose songs still resonate long after release. The set was an abbreviated appearance at the end of the show as The Exchange then made their way over to the retro-fitted Vampires Club to finish off the evening.

Europa Park’s award winning Halloween presentation is an extensive set of attractions, all revamping existing locations in the park to fit the holiday. An all-star cast of designers, artists, and musicians were brought in to create one of the largest Halloween destinations in Europe. It was here that The Exchange wrote, recorded, and filmed their latest video:¬†http://youtu.be/-5_BJveRyF8

In the coming year, look for another exciting collaboration with The Exchange and Europa Park for their Halloween 2014.