Voxon A Cappella Festival with The Exchange AustriaA long drive through the beautiful hills of Germany and Austria led The Exchange to the picturesque border-town of Bleiburg, Austria where they performed at the Voxon A-Cappella Festival. The event was hosted by local group Voxon, a collection of educators who double as fantastic singers and gracious hosts.

What a change from the busy streets of Asia where we were no less than 3 days ago! The people in Bleiburg we met were so kind, and in less than a couple days we got a crash course in the town’s history, drove to Italy for some pizza, toured a castle hand-made by one local man, and had a raucous show! Oh yeah, the show!

So big ups as well to our new friends in Anders, the charming German group responsible for an album of catchy originals and a well-put-together show!

The whole night came to a humbling and exciting pinnacle when the crowd called for a 2nd encore. The Exchange sang one more number and spent the evening mingling with the locals for an unforgettable night.

Thank you Bleiburg, Voxon, Anders, and everybody involved!!!!