Fan Sign for The Exchange in TaiwanI guess life has a few surprises up its sleeve. On The Exchange’s first visit to Taiwan, the fans showed up in droves and showed overwhelming support. For an island that is very far from home, with very little spoken English, and a tour around the country, there are so many thoughts that run through your head. Those questions are answered as soon as the mics are live for the band.

On a somewhat grueling tour schedule, The Exchange was performing nearly every day in a different city, often jumping on a high speed train then jumping right on stage. With little time to rest or get used to the surroundings, the group was very fortunate to have a team of guides and translators to show us around and help us find our way. They even made sure we ate well, and in a place where an English menu is rare, we’d surely have starved!

As a thank you for the great things that Taiwan did for The Exchange, the boys wanted to do a little a cappella video especially for the people here. We performed for over 10,000 new people here and it is our simple way of giving back some music to take with you. This is a great place for vocal music, a cappella, and I know we’ll be back!!