The Exchange in TaiwanNi Hao!! For much of the month of April, The Exchange will be touring the country of Taiwan. With a number of stops around the island, the boys are busy nearly every day singing their hearts out for new, excited fans every day. They are lucky to travel with a sound crew and translators/guides along the way, namely Jenny and Alice, who have made the journey possible!

Taiwan is just off the coast of China, nearly a 1 hour flight from Hong Kong, and English is limited if not rare. The main language in Taiwan is Mandarin, different from Cantonese spoken in Hong Kong. As a large island, The Exchange is able to travel from city to city by high speed rail at over 180 km/h!

Along the way, The Exchange is working with Tat Tong to finish up the original songs they wrote in Australia and Singapore, listening to mixes on the train, in the hotels, and before shows. With a full length show, it is a tiring part of the tour, but the guys in the group are propelled by the new friends in Ommm and MICappella, two international groups from France and Singapore (respectively) accompanying The Exchange on this leg of the tour.

Stay tuned for more!!