As part of the 2013 Get Ready tour, The Exchange spent a few weeks in Hong Kong where they performed for thousands of locals at the Queen Elizabeth Stadium, Sha Tin Town Square, and Hong Kong Cultural Center. The Exchange also had the privilege of visiting over a dozen schools where they taught singing, improvisation, and even some dancing.

The Exchange got their start in Hong Kong nearly one year prior and were asked to return as a featured group along side the likes of MayTree from Korea, Out of the Blue from Oxford, and hometown favorite Hong Kong Melody Makers.

The Exchange was excited by the response they received on their return to Hong Kong where in less than a week, the group gained 4,000 new Facebook followers, received dozens cards and gifts and photos, and had fans waiting outside their hotel for hours to say hello. As a thank you for the warm welcome, The Exchange invited 6 random fans to lunch just to hang out and get to know some of the people who support them. It was and honor to meet them and to experience such a response in a city so far from home! Thanks Hong Kong!