After a hardworking winter of 2012, The Exchange is excited to begin its world tour by releasing their album Get Ready on January 26, 2013 in London where they will perform along side the Swingle Singers. The Exchange is honored to be invited to the event as the Swingle Singers have long been the standard for vocal music. The Exchange has shot upward as a new vocal boy band. As they have climbed the ranks they have worked tirelessly to independently tour the world, produce an album, and promote their music.

Now The Exchange has hit London too, where fans were, in a rare site, standing and dancing. From the balconies to the floor seats, the energetic, undeniably exuberant singers in the band had a short set to pump the crowd and then followed later in the evening to close the festival with a raucous performance.

New fans were again dancing in the hall, singing along, and left smiling. This is a hell of a way to feel as The Exchange kicks off a long tour and looks forward to bringing their energy, life, and hearts to the rest of the world.