The Exchange best friends Tina and Shel

We are back up in Rochester, NY and at the end of our Fall 2012 tour. This place is home to Jamal, Aaron, and Dan and this part of the tour was a homecoming for them. So, we would be remiss not to thank Mrs. Petracca for giving Richard (and of course Dan) a place to stay, eat, and play some music.

The Sperbers also had Richard over for a few nights and made dinner after the show. We were even luck to play music and eat dinner provided by the Lukasiewicz. Matt is a super talented guy! Can’t wait to work with him!

Also, a big thanks to Nazareth College for letting us crash their Parents’ Night :). It is right across the street from the Sperber home and we had a great time with you guys there! You guys were very generous and helpful and we hope to come back soon!

We got to share the stage with Call4Backup from Nazareth, and we also were honored to stop by the Brick City Singers’ and 8 Beat Measure’s rehearsals to workshop and help out. You guys were all great.

We also got to hang out at the infamous Sled Dog Studios with some crazy a cappella people who were kind enough to let us party with them and crash their whole place! Love you guys!

Last, but certainly not least, the best waffles in Rochester, Tina and Shel. You put up a few of our guys, gave us a lift around town, fed us, and even taught us some German! You are somebody we love dearly and we wish we could have made it to German class. The French Quarter was fantastic and the way you know the staff there is a simple example of your affect on people. Thank you for sharing time with us to watch videos, talk about life, and goof around. Thank you thank you thank you.

Rochester has a piece of our hearts.