Aaron Sperber of The Exchange at dinner with Mrs Messare and familyIt comes down to one thing. We’ve never heard anybody cheer as loud as the kids at Shen. Literally deafening from the stage! We had such a good time singing for you guys and working with you in the class room. It’s part of our goals that we won’t give up on to get into schools and keep you excited to keep singing and playing and writing and learning. None of us would be doing what we are doing today without that same excitement.

Two days of workshops and classroom visits and assemblies, we left everything out there! I’m pretty sure we all slept in the teachers’ lounge at some point (which by the way was filled with food from people who baked bread and muffins and brought in fruit and sandwiches for us to eat)!

We should mention that this place was also visited months prior by the Yellowjackets, of which Aaron and Jamal were a big part. The whole group is proud to share a stage with those guys, even months apart!

We could not have done it without the help of Nafeesa from the local Hampton Inn. When we arrived in New York after a long trip from Alaska, we had a few surprise expenses and had to scramble for a hotel. You welcomed us so openly and kindly, Nafeesa. We hope you might make it out to the show in Rochester! Best of luck to your daughter as she applies to some amazing schools!

Last but not least, we are so thankful for Mrs. Messare who helped us around all day through the school, shared her passion for teaching with us, and invited us into her home for some of the best lasagna we have ever had! Your family is immensely talented from soccer to cross country to football to beatboxing to winning over Aaron’s heart :). We hope to come back soon!