WELCOME! We are proud to sell music and merch from The Exchange, an American vocal harmony quintet formed after competing on NBC’s The SingOff.

As you search online, you may come across numerous bands bearing the name “Exchange.” As musicians, we wish all these other musicians success, so please make sure that if you buy something here, it’s because you want to hear from us…The Exchange that sings a cappella, toured with the Backstreet Boys, toured through Asia/Australia/Africa/Europe/South America/North America, appeared on Season 5 of NBC’s the Sing Off and toured with The Sing Off Live Tour. We are not a new-age world music group “Exchange”, not the Christian rock quartet “Exchange”, not the jazz band “Exchange”, not the hip hop duo “Exchange”, nor any other “Exchange.”

We are just 5 guys who sing, beatbox, dance, and try to make the world a better place.

If that’s what you want, buy it here!

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