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Festival of Voices 2014 – Tasmania


Thank you so much to all who auditioned today!  We were overwhelmed by the talent you shared with us.  We wish we had enough time to feature each and every one of you.  A big congratulations to the following people (forgive us…we didn’t know everyone’s last names):


Syd (who auditioned before lunch) – Verse 1

Emily Hirst – Chorus 1

Bella – Verse 2

Sally Davies – Chorus 2

Angie – Final Chorus



Rebecca – measures 15-17 “most nights I don’t know anymore”

Dan – rest of Some Nights (measures 21-28)

Brooke Staughton – 1st half of “We are young” (measures 30-37)

Catherine (with purple hair) – 2nd half of “We are young” (measure 38-45)

Alice McNab – start of Carry On (measures 46-48)

Franca – middle part of Carry On (measures 49-57)

Claire Patti – rest of Carry On (measures 58-69)


  • Please learn a listen and learn the lyrics to Stay, Some Nights, We Are Young, Carry On, and Pompeii. We will ask you to sing the lead!
  • Video release 9 July 2014 at midnight in Tasmania. Watch it here:

The Good Fight (by The Exchange)

      The Good Fight - The Exchange

The Good Fight Sheet Music [pdf] (right-click to download)

Stay (by Sam Smith)

      Stay With Me - Sam Smith

Some Fun Medley (by Fun)

Fun Medley – lead [mp3] (right-click to download)

Fun Medley – soprano [mp3] (right-click to download)

Fun Medley – alto [mp3] (right-click to download)

Fun Medley – tenor [mp3] (right-click to download)

Fun Medley – bass [mp3] (right-click to download)

Fun Medley Sheet Music [pdf] (right-click to download)

Pompeii (by Bastille)


Pompeii Sheet Music [pdf] (right-click to download)