Petra, JordanIt’s been a great few years and we’re back to announce a few more shows in 2017 before taking an indefinite hiatus. We are so lucky to have met all of you along the way–whether we slept on your floor, snapped a selfie after a show, or shared a meal together… we will never forget these times! In five years we’ve traveled to nearly 50 countries and visited every continent (except Antarctica, and we’re STILL working on that!). After the humbling beginnings, we’ve been SO lucky to do what we’ve done. Our hope is that our message and our music still resonates with everyone we’ve met. So it is with a full heart that we announce a tour that completely aligns with our purpose.

As part of the US State Department, we will be traveling to Tunisia, Morocco, Israel, and Jordan to work as cultural ambassadors. Our politics have divided our country and the world is watching, so we are proud to represent our country. We’ll visit these corners of the world to exchange cultures and learn. We’ll sing, teach a cappella (despite language barriers), try new foods, and take a zillion photos! Most of all we’ll make connections. We hope you’ll follow along online (@exchangevocal).

This is a second tour of its kind that we’ve done. Our previous trip included Azerbaijan, Republic of Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Saudi Arabia. We met some incredible people and saw parts of the world that many will never see. We are honored with the trust placed in our mission to visit these places and represent our country, music, and diverse beliefs.

We will be issuing an official statement after the trip to thank all of you, but in the mean time, stay tuned for our #ExchangeAdventures.

<3 The Exchange