The Exchange


The song ‘To You Tasmania’ was composed in 1979 by Dr Alan Tucker for the 6th District Military Band and Hobart Orpheus Choir – Australia’s oldest continuous choir. In 2015 as part of the Festival of Voices, we asked Festival favourites US vocal pop group The Exchange to interpret the song in their own style. 

We are very excited to share a collaboration we did with…well…Tasmania. We’ve been working for a couple of months with Tourism Tasmania, the Festival of Voices, and students from our workshop choir to rework a song about Tasmania.

First of all we are grateful to Dr. Alan Tucker–he wrote a song about Tasmania back in the late 70s, and we’ve re-worked his original song into ours. It’s something we’re really proud of, even though we are from another part of the world.  That’s really the purpose of our group is to exchange ideas and cultures in our travels and this was a perfect opportunity.

This July was our second time performing in Tasmania, and they took us around the island to play with kangaroos, climb a mountain, check out a wicked cool museum called MONA, and basically do a bunch of amazing tourist things we don’t always get to do. And because we love Tassie, it made it easy to write a song about it.

We also want to say a big thank you to Tony Bonney, Carmen Stephens, Juan Melara, and Vanessa Lee for working so closely with us on this.

Without further ado, check out the article and video here:

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