The Exchange just spent the last 2 days with Trey McLaughlin in Augusta, GA (hometown of Jamal Moore) working on some new arrangements and getting some coaching on singing. The group even got hooked up with some fresh cuts from barber-extraordinaire Montavius. Beastly.
…speaking of a beast…
Trey’s talents in the vocal world have been dedicated to Tabernacle Baptist Church where he directs and produces music for the congregation. He has helped The Exchange hone in on blend, power, and musicality.
While there The Exchange recorded an a cappella rendition of one of their favorite new artists and plan to release it with a video in the weeks before Christmas.
Perhaps the most energizing aspect of working with Trey is his attitude and honest, loving approach to coaching and helping.
“Many thanks to him and the whole church! Thanks for staying up late with us! <3 The Exchange"