The Exchange At Fringe World AustraliaAs of the beginning of November 2013, The Exchange will be in the process of writing a brand new album. The 2012 release of Get Ready was a huge hit across the world, scrambling at many locations to order more albums for an overwhelming demand.

Through a series of cover songs and extensive touring, The Exchange’s diverse styles have crystalized into a high-energy, fun and candid sound, balancing carefree and heartfelt. The audiences have come to love the 5 singers and individuals that are each different personally and musically. The collaborations on the 2012 world tours have focused their styles and energy, leading to a higher caliber of song writing while the personal connections on the way have kept the guys connected.

Matt Lukasiewicz and Ross Pedersen have been added to The Exchange to form a management team. All 7 will be moving to Myrtle Beach (where Get Ready was written) in mid-November to begin the process of creating this new album. It looks to include the a cappella strengths of the group with more instruments and production than before to bring a more exciting sound and open the possibilities of song-writing as far as possible.

“We can’t wait to share it with the world! Thanks for supporting us so much in our very first year–we have lots more for you on the way!!”

Love-The Exchange