The Exchange in AsiaThe Get Ready Tour rolls on. The Exchange is 4 months into their world tour and has just finished a long leg through Asia where they performed dozens of shows, worked with over 40 classes of students, filmed numerous videos (including the viral video Subway Series on the MRT, MTR, and other subways), collaborated with pop star Jonathan Wong, and produced the first Music Walk through the streets of Hong Kong.

As the boys of the group have done their best to make it happen, they’ve had tremendous help from friends and organizations, news stations, news papers, radio stations, promoters, and industry pros who have believed in the group.

The last show in Asia culminated in an outdoor party with the crowds rushing the stage in Taipei. The air was hot and humid as The Exchange closed a show featuring other great vocal acts from the area. The Taiwan crowd showed up in droves and The Exchange was more than honored to see light-up signs, home made picture collages, and an outpouring of support as foreigners. The short layover in Hong Kong made for a beautiful spot to say a quick thank you and final hug to a corner of the world we will cherish and be back to soon!

To Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, and Dubai (and soon more),

<3 The Exchange