Have you seen it?! Spontaneous a cappella from The Exchange on the Metro, the Subway, the MTR, the MRT…your local public transportation. Over the past few months, The Exchange has traveled the world and used the rail to get around the city. From Melbourne, Taipei, Hong Kong, London, New York City, and more, there are videos popping up all over the internet of the boy band singing a cappella and off mic for riders.

The videos are going viral in local communities where people catch the singers on their cell phones and cameras. The phenomenon was recently featured on Taipei news outlet ET Today (http://www.ettoday.net/news/20130501/200593.htm?from=fb_et_share). Stay tuned for new performances in your city. The Exchange is proud to bring music to places like the subway where people are traveling home from a day of work.

There is magic in music and while some people might have thought music would be disruptive, The Exchange believes that heartfelt song speaks volumes across languages, moods, and times. See you out there!!


Hong Kong