Christopher Diaz In Studio recording original musicThe Exchange is very excited to announce that they will be releasing original songs written with and produced by Tat Tong in Singapore. The group has been on the road since January and spent time writing new songs that will be part of an evolution of the group from cover band to music writers. The group sat down together with the guidance of industry friend Tat Tong to develop ideas from the members’ lives. What developed were a collection of songs that pushed the edges of the group’s limits to something fresh and new.

The Exchange has developed a house party rock sound. The 5 singers were musically trained in school and bring that background to the group. But they found that going out, meeting people, traveling, and living a life of love and broken hearts, getting lost, and being human helped them write songs and make more music.

The new songs will be previewed tonight for a select group of producers and industry executives in Singapore before the group travels to Hong Kong to continue their 5 month Get Ready world tour.

Stay tuned for release dates, appearances, and more!