The Exchange is set to release a fully produced music video from their new album Get Ready. The music from the album is all a cappella produced, recorded, and arranged by the group in their apartments they share in the US.
The album was released in London at the outset of their third world tour. Currently the group is in Singapore working with industry superstar producer Tat Tong to write original material. The Exchange’s videographer Dan Petracca travels with the group and filmed the upcoming music video in Perth, Western Australia where the group spent a month performing down under.
Now, to accompany the world tour, the music video will be released just before the group travels to Hong Kong on a dramatic return to the city where they got a big jump a year prior.
The music video will be kept secret until its release but will feature Christopher Diaz and Alfredo Austin on separate leads. Stay tuned for more from The Exchange as the “boy” band grows teeth!