So here’s a big question…why do all societies create music? It must run in our blood! It seems like we kind of need music, like it is vital to our very existence—just as much as being with other people and actually being a part of a culture. Think about it…when was the last time you went through a day without hearing some sort of music?

Why would you want to?!

Hong Kong A Cappella Festival

Every once in a while, somebody will ask how we make music. As with everything creative, the answer is simple and complicated! Sometimes, somebody will sit down and arrange a song for the whole group, tell us what to sing, and help us learn it. Other times, we’ll just figure it out as a group—Chris sings bass, Aaron sings the ‘guitar’ sounds, and so on…Then as a group, we go to work…sometimes it makes sense to change the orders of the Verses and Choruses…maybe an intro…maybe we hold this chord or leave that one out…

It comes down to having a great time on stage and trying to connect with the music emotionally. Then, each time it is performed, a song takes on a life of it’s own and connects with the answer to that first question—why do we make music?