The Exchange At Miss GermanyThe Exchange performed live from the Miss Germany TV broadcast for all of Germany. The group closed the show at filmed at Europa Park. Congratulations to Vivien Konca for winning the 2014 Miss Germany award and Catharina Leers and Evelyn Konrad, 2nd and 3rd place respectively. The performance was completely a cappella – without instruments. The Exchange brought the audience to their feet and rocked what is traditionally a very demure audience.

It was a very strange atmosphere backstage as the energetic and charismatic guys from the band pumped themselves up for the show amidst the many contestants who did not reach the heights they’d hoped in the competition. The contrast poignant and affecting, but the band emphasized the celebration that the event is intended to be.

After the show, The Exchange spent the evening at the after-party, dancing with the guests and enjoying another incredible Europa Park party. There is more on the night online, so check out the link here: